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Want an easier solution to your Nigerian legal needs?

You’ve come to the right place. Authority Wit builds apps that make getting your business legal needs solved, stress-free.

What Authority Wit is all about

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find a simple way to solve my business legal issues without all the usual Nigerian stress?” You’re in the right place.

Authority Wit builds legal apps that make getting the solution to your next legal issue for your business in Nigeria as simple as downloading an app.

Want to eliminate a legal issue holding back the growth of your Nigerian business? Then jump into our app.

How Authority Helps You Grow Your Nigerian Business by Eliminating Legal Issues

In order to do business in Nigeria, you need to work within the legal framework and regulations.

And we wish it was that easy...

We learned the hard way that it is difficult to work within that framework. It is even harder to find the right legal experts to guide you through the constantly shifting laws and regulations.

And that's where Authority Wit comes in.

We're a company that builds legal apps that allow you to resolve most Nigerian legal issues from the comfort of your phone or computer. Everything from registering your first business to a glorious exit and several legal needs in between.

Oh, while you're here, try one of our apps, Counseal. It pairs your business legal needs with the best fitting, vetted legal expert.

Want your next legal issue resolved?

Then join other businesses like yours that are making the move to new and simpler way to get legal help for your business

About Authority Wit

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Authority Wit was founded by Dele Omotosho, a recognized software and legal expert.

Dele found that it was hard to grow a business in Nigeria. But he found a way to solve this problem by using technology to make the legal process simpler. He created Authority Wit to help business people and investors in Nigeria unlock their business potential using this technology.

Since we launched, we've released two apps. Counseal is an app that helps you find the perfect legal expert for your business needs. And Craft is an app that helps you design contracts and agreements.

Authority Wit is a company that works remotely. We have teams in Nigeria, India, and the USA.
Stress-free legal solutions to grow your Nigerian business
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