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At Authority Wit, we deliver intelligent, custom business strategies for legal teams. Our approach incorporates people, process, and technology. Our passionate, experienced experts work hand in hand with you to help optimize your business—from software to growth strategy, and everything in between.

Optimize Your Practice and Regain Control.

Uncover hidden inefficiencies and discover better ways of working. Build effective  legal teams, streamline your operations, accelerate your client acquisition, and develop plans to ensure your firm’s long-term financial health. Where do you need help? If we can’t do it, we have partners that can.

Top-notch Efficiency.
Future-Proof Solutions.

From software selection to implementation and training, we make sure your technology is benefiting you. Our client-first technique makes certain that services are completely tailored to the unique requirements of your company. We remove any  technology clutter that stops your team’s ideal efficiency.

Reignite Your Team's Potentials

Support your team’s ongoing professional growth through powerful training opportunities created to inform and inspire. Whether it’s with Authority University or among our in-person CLE workshops, your team will get the sort of practical, real-world training they require to grow and thrive in a fast-moving world.
"Legal practice is now about simplicity, innovation...We recognise that technology is the future and we are deliberately positioned to serve the rapidly growing industry. These combined, encourage inclusiveness and above all, efficiency in service delivery."

The Ultimate Guide to Pandemic Survival for Lawyers (+ 70 Free Resources)

Legal’s Biggest Challenge with the New Normal: Mental Health. LOEB concluded in their recent survey.

You will agree that the last few weeks and months have been bizarre, and even that is an understatement. During these times, the legal world has shifted to a “new normal” with everyone being forced to work remote and firms scrambling for solutions to continue practice in the new normal, most, with success.

And the failure?

Lawyer’s health was left behind.

After all, a great lawyer is a healthy one.

This guide is for you.

This pandemic is now causing some lawyers sleepless nights, increased alcohol consumption, stress and anxiety, eating dis-orders, over-sized news consumption, constant mental distraction to where you can no longer focus on your practice.

This is for you.

While there is no magic cure to restore well-being, in this guide I share steps to win back your sanity, overcome anxiety and 70+ free resource to help you through this new normal.

Let’s jump in.

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