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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

By Business Advisory Team
Updated August 14, 2022

Here are the ways to make money online we will cover in this guide

Top 21 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria + 1 Bonus Method
1. Build an eCommerce Business
2. Sell on Online Marketplaces
3. Freelancing
4. Blogging
5. Trade Cryptocurrencies
6. Dropshipping
7. Drop Servicing
8. Information Marketing
9. YouTube and Vlogging
10. Affiliate Marketing
11. Start a Digital Marketing Agency
12. Social Media Influencing/Marketing
13. Create an Online Course
14. Start Online Consultation
15. Websites Flipping
16. Domain Names Flipping
17. Online Surveys
18. Podcasting
19. Publish eBooks
20. Trade Forex or Binary Options
21. Sell Stock Photos
22. Opera New Hub

3 Unexplored Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria
1. Mint and Trade NFTs
2. Print on Demand
3. Rent Your Home on Airbnb

Top 22 ways to make money online 2022

Build an eCommerce Platform

eCommerce business is probably the most popular way to make money online. It has the highest income-growth potential than any other method on this list.

eCommerce involves building an online platform through which you sell physical goods to customers. When someone visits your store through an ad or referral and buys an item, you have it delivered to them through a courier service. Customers can pay you onsite through a payment gateway or pay after delivery. It all depends on the payment options you offer.

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Ja Ma made their fortunes from eCommerce. In Nigeria, the business is still young, with Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and Jigi leading the pack. That means there are lots of opportunities to take in this space.

The business can be capital intensive, especially if you plan to hold inventories in a warehouse. It requires a lot of online marketing to drive traffic to your store. But once your store pulls momentum, it can be really profitable.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your own eCommerce business.

Sell on Online Marketplaces

If you cannot afford to build an eCommerce platform, you could sell your goods on third-party platforms like Jumia and Konga. 

Jumia offers a vendor hub that allows you to create an online store to list and sell your products. You could hold inventory yourself or subscribe to the Jumia Express service to make your products quickly available for delivery once sold. Jumia deposits your earnings into your bank account at intervals and alerts you. Start selling on Jumia.

The same concept applies to selling on Konga. Learn how to sell on Konga.

Don’t rely solely on the traffic Jumia and Konga bring to your online store. Instead, market your online store and products on your social media handles too. You could run Google display ads and even build a mailing list to grow your business faster. 

Other online marketplaces you can explore are Jiji, OList, Scrader, and just recently, Flutterwave Store. If you’re a mini importer or already run a physical store, this is the right leverage to reach more customers.


Freelancing is one of the most popular ways skilled Nigerians make money online. It’s all about applying your digital skills online to make money. 

If you’re a writer, programmer, designer, administrative person, consultant, et Cetra, you can earn online working for foreign employers. You only require a laptop, internet connection, and your skills.

I’ve summarized 7 steps to help you get started as a freelancer:

  • Determine the skills you’re good at and can trade for money online.
  • Choose your niche: Decide what aspect of your skillset you specialize in. As a writer, you may know a ton about Personal Finance but nothing about Blockchain Technology. A programmer may be a backend or frontend developer. The same applies to other skills.
  • Polish your skills: Practice your skills and make sure they are impressive before putting a price on them. You could learn further from freelance academies. My best picks are Freelance Writing Academy (for writers), CodeAcademy (for programmers), CreativeClass (for designers), and WorkWithoutWalls (for data scientists).
  • Create an amazing freelance portfolio: This is the equivalent of a resume for a job application. See how you can build a great portfolio in 1 sitting.
  • Sign up with freelance platforms: Once you’re confident about your skills, it’s time to go to the marketplace. The most popular freelance platforms you can sign-up with are Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. But there are tons of local and international freelance platforms to explore.
  • Bid for jobs: Create an outstanding profile and start bidding for jobs. You may be awarded a job and earn when you deliver completed work.

The key to succeeding as a freelancer is delivering high-quality work, meeting deadlines, varying for positive reviews from your clients. 

Learn how about making money with freelancing.


You’ve probably heard about blogging a million times, but this is an evergreen way to make money online. It has produced several million-dollar net-worths Nigerians like Linda Ikeji, Omoyele Sowore, Seun Osewa, Uche Pedro, and the likes.

Blogging goes beyond just writing news, gossips, or your opinions over the web. To make money blogging, you would need to learn how search engine optimization works and invest in digital marketing skills. 

Building a blog requires time, patience, and the work you put in to build an audience. But once traffic pours, the money flows.

You can monetize your blog using Google Ad-sense, affiliate marketing, paid sponsorships, and many other methods. With blogging, you can work from anywhere you are in the world and make money while you sleep.

Sounds interesting? Learn how to start a blog that generates over $3000 a month.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies were the goldmine a few years back and still are today. Aside from Bitcoin, a lot of altcoins have emerged over the years and have made many Nigerians millionaires.

There are several ways to make money from cryptocurrencies. I’ve summarised the most common methods for you:

  • Buy, Hold, Sell:  Here, you buy crypto or a set of cryptos at low prices and hold for a couple of months or even years. When prices rise significantly above your purchase price, you sell all or part of the coins and bag the profit. This method resonates with people willing to invest in, and take long-term risks.
  • Trading:  By correctly predicting whether prices of a cryptocurrency pair (e.g Bitcoin verse Ethereum) would rise or drop against each other, you can make money. This is possible because the crypto market is highly volatile. However, you’d need proper technical knowledge and analytical skills to become a successful cryptocurrency trader.
  • Crypto Lending: Do you already own cryptos? You could lend them to a cryptocurrency exchange to be used as loans to borrowers, in return for interest over a period. Some exchanges pay up to 25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) to crypto loan investors. This could be right for you if you have a lot of valuable coins sitting idle in a crypto wallet. Get started by learning more about crypto-lending before finding a reliable crypto-lending platform to invest in.
  • Mining: This is validating transactions over a cryptocurrency network and securing a Proof of Work (PoW). While mining Bitcoin today requires enormous investments and hardware, there are several valuable altcoins you can mine using just a laptop. If the value of the cryptos you mine increases exponentially over time, you can bank millions of Naira. 

Irrespective of the method you wish to explore in cryptocurrencies, I recommend doing your own research (DYOR) and understanding the markets and technologies before diving in.


Dropshipping is just like an eCommerce business, except you don't hold the inventories (physical goods) that you sell. 

Nope, it’s not magic. Let me explain. 

In dropshipping, you create an online store, list and promote images of the products you want to sell through your store. When a customer makes an order and pays upfront, you order the physical product from a manufacturer or supplier. They make and deliver the goods to your customer and you bag the profits.

Dropshipping allows you to sell any product from any supplier in the world, without bearing the production cost or taking inventories. Your market is not limited to Nigeria as you can ship products to customers anywhere they are in the world.

Dropshipping requires you to know your way around supplies both at home and abroad, especially sellers in China. The key to profitability is sorting for and selling hot-in-demand products, getting your online marketing right, and ensuring only quality products get delivered to customers.

Learn how to build a successful dropshipping business.

Drop servicing

Drop servicing is a relatively new business and one that you can start without investing a dime but grow into massive profits. Simply put, drops servicing pays you for being a middleman between clients and freelancers.


You find clients who will pay you for digital services you offer; for example, writing, coding, designing designs, et Cetra. Now, instead of doing these gigs yourself, you outsource them to freelancers who do the job. You pay your freelancers from payments collected for the gigs, deliver completed works to clients, and pocket the margin.

The goldmine in drop servicing is building that massive network of clients and freelancers. If you have the best of both, you’re in business! It’s important to ensure your pricing per gig suffices to cover your freelancer’s cost and your profit, but reasonable enough to not turn clients away.

Learn how to start a drop servicing business from scratch.

Information Marketing

Information marketing is basically selling information about particular topics to people over the internet. If you have in-depth knowledge about anything—say health, fitness, finance, relationship, et Cetra—you could package it as an eBook, video, or audio record and sell it to people.

But you don't need to have specialized knowledge to get into information marketing. You could research any hot topic your audience may be interested in, create an info-product from that and sell! Alternatively, there are a lot of private label rights (PLR) eBooks you can buy and resell as your own products. See top websites to download PLR eBooks.

This is one of the online businesses you can start with no money. To kick off the right way, I recommend:

-Picking high-demand, less-competitive niches

-Creating a standout product that un-sits competitors

-Marketing your information product (yes! Spend on ads!)

-Building a loyal customer base/fanbase (this makes repeat purchases easy)

Get started by learning how to build a profitable information business.

YouTube and Vlogging

In the time it would take you to read this section, Mark Angel Comedy would have made a couple more thousand dollars from their YouTube channel. With over 8 million subscribers and over 1 trillion views across all videos, Mark Angel and his crew are the highest-paid Nigerian YouTubers!

A YouTube channel can earn you passive income over time after you've uploaded videos, amassed subscribers and watch time, and monetized it. You could make videos about anything using just a smartphone and phone-based editing software, or professional videography equipment.

“But I’m camera-shy!” That’s ok. You can make YouTube videos using edited videos cuts or animations, without showing your face. To get started:

Once your channel has accumulated 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 views across videos, you can monetize it. Check out the top 7 ways to monetize a YouTube channel.

But YouTube isn't the only way to make money online vlogging. People earn thousands of dollars using other video platforms for creators too like Vimeo, Twitch, and even TikTok.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest online cash cows for entrepreneurs. This is something you could infuse with other methods of online activities like blogging, YouTube, eCommerce, and more. 

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to promote other businesses' products or services online through their affiliate program, and earn a commission on every sale made via your affiliate links.

Assuming a company's affiliate program (say Jumia) offers a 9% commission on products a buyer purchases through your link. If a person—through your blog, video ads, or social media posts—visits the company's online store and buys a product(s) worth N25,000, you get N2,250 (9% of N25,000).

Now, imagine 500 people buying N25,000 worth of goods on average, every month, via your links. That's N12,500,000 in sales for the company, and N1,125,000 hitting your bank balance every single month!

It gets better when you're affiliating with a foreign brand, like Amazon, and earning in dollars. Check out the best affiliate programs for a variety of niches worldwide and the top affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Here’s a complete guide to starting an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

Start a Digital Marketing Agency

You must have seen some ads on Facebook or Instagram promoting how they help businesses get more traffic or sell more products. These are marketing agencies run by people just like you.

There are a lot of small businesses in Nigeria that either do not have an online presence or are struggling to make sales. If you have a basic understanding of how to run ads on major platforms, you can help these businesses sell their products and get paid for them.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and recently, Tiktok are the ads platforms to master. However, diving into Search Engine ads, email marketing, display ads, and mobile marketing will give your business a competitive edge.

Once you've established yourself in this space, you'll easily get referrals from previous clients. Start by learning how to build a digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

Social Media Influencing/Marketing 

Marketing monies are moving from TV and radio stations and flowing to social media platforms where most Nigerians spend their free time.

So if you’ve amassed large followers on social media, you could make money promoting products from different brands to your audience. This is called social media influencing. It’s one way many Nigerian comedians and reality TV stars make money.

But you don't have to be an influencer to earn from social media. If you understand social media ads, content marketing and engagement, and how the algorithms work, you could help businesses build their social media audience and make sales.

For beginners, the best way to start is to learn and master one social media platform after another

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Just like building a marketing agency, once you've established yourself as the go-to social media guru, the money rolls in easily. Check out this free course on how to specialize in social media marketing.

Create an Online Course

More people are learning online today than in classrooms using their computers, internet connections, and, yep! Online courses. Therefore, making and selling online courses to teach people skills or concepts they want to learn can make you a lot of money. 

You can create a course around anything; be it designing, social skills, engineering, handicrafts, academics, business, sports, anything at all. Online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable and more, make it possible for you to sell your course to thousands of people around the world.

The key to succeeding in this space is delivering really valuable lessons in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable manner. If your content and teaching methods are dominant, more people would positively rate or review your course, increasing your chances of selling to even more people.

Interested? Here’s a guide to successfully creating and selling an online course.

Start Online Consultation

Online consultation is still a green money maker for many Nigerians. If you're an expert in any field, you could find people willing to pay you to counsel them on related matters.

You can start by building a social media profile (Facebook page or group, or Instagram account) for yourself and offer free value at first. When you've built a strong following, you monetize and start charging for your service.

Charging an hourly rate is ok, but it puts you in direct competition with other consultation services out there. Instead, make a package plan and let your clients pay a once-off fee for the total consultation. Prices can then vary depending on the duration of consultation, format, or services included in a package plan. 

Read this guide on how to charge consultation fees.

As your reputation as an expert consultant grows, you could offer your services to companies and large corporations. Here’s an insider tip: repackage rehearsal consultations on certain topics into videos or an online course and sell. 

Learn how to start an online consultation from home.

Websites Flipping

Do you know you can earn online buying and selling websites? Here’s how it works: 

You buy a cheap existing website from a marketplace, improve the website, and resell it for a much higher price. This was one of the earliest ways web developers made money online and it's still a cash cow today!

The most popular marketplaces to buy and sell websites are Flipper, Empire Flippers, and Digital Point Forum.

To succeed in this business, you need expert knowledge of web design and development, preferably in a niche. This knowledge would guide you in spotting defects on any website you're buying, and how to fix them. Most website flippers make use of content writers, and UI designers to flesh out web pages. However, the bulk of the programming, optimization, hosting, and other backend tasks required to turn a "not-so-great" website into a stunner, they do themselves.

If you are interested in website flipping, I recommend learning from The Website Flip. They are expert tutors in the business.

Domain Name Flipping

Closely tied to website flipping is domain name flipping. This involves creating or buying domains and reselling them at a higher price.

For example, you can buy domains as cheap as $10.99 on websites like NameCheap, and resell them for $100 or more on sites like,,, et Cetra. 

Alternatively, you can create new domain names that could be in demand in the future, register and host them for cheap, and put them up for sale. If done right, you can make thousands of dollars selling domain names you literally cooked up.

Domain flipping requires both technical web knowledge and creativity for spotting or making up premium domain names. There's a whole science to this, so I recommend learning more before getting started in this business. 

Online Surveys

One way you can earn some money online with minimal stress is by completing paid surveys on certain online platforms. Online surveys are basically helping brands collect or analyze data by answering specific questions.

Online surveys typically pay $0.50 to $3 of 10 to 20 minutes of your time. But your cumulative earnings across platforms over a period may add up. This is something you can do in your spare time to support other ways you earn. 

While some foreign survey sites do not support Nigerians, you can always find legit Nigerian survey platforms to earn from. Check out global top-rated survey sites for Nigeria.


Podcasters run "audio blogs" in the same way radio presenters host audio shows for a listening audience. If you love creating talk shows around a niche you're passionate about, you can start a podcast through an online platform. Some voice talent or training and audio editing skills are huge pluses, of course.

Once you've grown an audience over time, you can monetize your channel like you do a YouTube channel or a blog. You get paid by show sponsors, affiliate marketing (promoting your affiliate links), selling your merchandise, and membership support.

To start, you would need to create and host your podcast channel on a podcast hosting platform. Check out 31 podcast hosting platforms you can choose from. 

Here’s how to start and run a profitable podcast in Nigeria.

Self-publish eBooks

Online publishing involves researching and writing (mainly non-fiction) on any topic or field, and selling your works on ebook retail platforms. 

Amazon Kindle is the largest self-publishing and ebook retail platform available on any device and downloaded worldwide. With Amazon, you can sell books to readers globally and earn 70% on each sale. So if you've listed a book for $2.99, you would make $2.09 per book sold. 

There are other publishing platforms you can explore aside from Amazon Kindle. Also, leverage social media platforms to both drive traffic to your online bookstore and to sell directly to customers.

The key to succeeding as a self-publisher is to create valuable content and put in outstanding marketing work. It's important to get some positive reviews on your books as this helps rank them higher in search results on retail platforms.

For deeper insights into self-publishing, I recommend learning with Self-Publishing School. Start by reading these 9 steps to publish an ebook.

Trade Forex or Binary Options

Forex and/or binary options trading are complex but highly lucrative ways to make money online if you become an expert at them. 

Forex trading is about speculating on the rise or falls in the value of a currency pair—i.e. British Pound (GBP) against the US Dollar (USD)—for a profit. 

Binary options trading mirrors forex trading but deals with derived assets rather than real currencies pairs. Here, you’re basically predicting if the price of a particular asset would rise or fall against your market position.

A currency trading platform gives you access to these financial markets. Most platforms would provide you with a demo account where you can practice your trading skills before going LIVE with real money. Some also offer free trading courses for beginners. I highly recommend you take advantage of these resources. 

Once you’re confident of your trading skills, you can fund your account with the trading platform and trade the LIVE financial markets. With the right education, long-term practice, and patience, this can pay you enough to live your dream life.

Here’s one of my favourite free forex courses you can sign up for.

Sell Stock Photos

Are you a creative photographer? You can make money selling your photos online as stock images.

The easiest way to do this is by listing your images on third-party microstock websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and iStock. Many of these platforms pay up to 60% royalty to the photographer per sale. 

The big money-spinner, however, is to sell through your own website. Yes, this involves building a website from scratch, maintaining it, and marketing your business. But you'd enjoy presenting your photos how you want on your website, express yourself better, and keep 100% of each sale.

As a beginner, I recommend starting out with third-party platforms, using social media and your networks to grow. You can add your website later when your market is large enough. I recommend building on WordPress as it provides lots of plugins that support stock photo websites. 

If you're an already established photographer with a strong online following, you may already own a website. You can monetize your website and equally leverage both third-party platforms. 

Learn how to create stock photos that sell and more on building a stock photography business.

Opera News Hub

Opera news hub is one of the simplest ways to make money online by publishing trending news.

You don’t have to be exceptional at writing; you just need to be able to whip out trending news or attractive stories that can get traction. 

To start, you would need to create an account with the hub and verify it. Next, you create an Opay account (download the app on your mobile device) and link to your Opera new hub account. This is because you get paid only through the Opay app. 

After creating accounts, you can proceed to publish your posts. Each post goes through the Opera new hub review system before it's released to the public.

Depending on how much traction (clicks, likes, comments) your posts generate, you can easily make N100,000 or every month. However, you can request to withdraw your earnings once it gets to N5000 at any time.

See in detail how to make money with the Opera New Hub.

Phew! That’s 22 up. I promised to show you 3 more completely new and unexplored ways to make money online in Nigeria. Here they are;

3 Unexplored Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Mint or Trade NFTs

This is a game-changer and arguably the newest way to make money online. NFTs are fast becoming the next big thing and it’s creating millionaires all over the world.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent unique ownership of an item, be it art, music, real estate, and more. Through a process called minting, the blockchain technology secures the unique identity of each NFT ensuring they cannot be changed, stolen, or replicated by anyone.

People buy NFTs as a store of value (just like physical arts), or to use them in building various digital projects like online games and virtual galleries or museums.

If you are a talented artist in Nigeria, you can start earning online by creating, minting, and selling NFTs on NFTs marketplaces. Check out these top 10 NFTs marketplaces. Even if you’re not an artist, you can make money buying and selling NFTs.

Some knowledge of cryptocurrencies is required to navigate this space. This is because pay for and are paid in cryptos like Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB). So it’s impossible to get started if you don’t own at least a crypto wallet.

NFTs are really more complex than presented here. I recommend researching extensively about the space before signing up. Start by watching this video.

Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a business model whereby you work with a supplier of a white-label product to customize and ship the product to customers on a pre-order basis. Like dropshipping, you hold no inventory and do not pay for the product until you've sold it.

If you’re an artist or graphic designer, you can expand your income by selling print-on-demand products. All you need to do is create samples of your designs on various products; apparel, stationery, souvenirs, documents, etc. (Look up Etsy for print design inspirations. Thank me later!) You could also hire freelance designers to assist.

Once your designs are ready, create your online store on either a marketplace like Etsy, Teespring, or Merch by Amazon, or an eCommerce platform like Shopify and BigCommerce. This is where you source products you can place designs on, and where you upload photos of the finished works.

Next, look for a POD company to partner with. These platforms allow you to upload photos of products with your designs on them. Once done, you can list them on your online store.

Now when a customer orders a product with particular designs from your online store, you contact the product supplier to send the product to your POD provider where the real designs are printed on it. You then ship it directly to the customer via your online store and bag the profit. The customer pays for everything in this process, from the product to printing services and shipping costs.

POD is still a new concept in the Nigerian online business space. Starting now would give you a local competitive edge while exposing your designs to a global market. Here’s a guide to starting your POD business from scratch.

Rent Your Home on Airbnb

Airbnb is an American online marketplace for lodging and vacation rentals. Not a lot of people know that Airbnb now operates in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja and that Nigerians are making money with it.

Airbnb allows you to list your apartment online and make money when people rent it for a period. Think of it as the Uber or Taxify of home rentals. You could host a guest for a day, 2 nights, or whatever the deal is and make as high as $700 a month.

If you don't mind sharing your living space, this can make you money. It's even better if you have lots of rooms to spare in your home. 

For now, apartments listed on Airbnb are in the high-end regions of the cities where the company operates. In time, they could enter more regions and give more people access to rent their homes for income.

Start hosting your home here. And since you're reading this piece, here are 15 steps to turn Airbnb rentals into a full-time business in Nigeria


Making legit money online is never a get-rich-quick as many would think. It would require time and effort before it pays off. Don't forget to learn the skills required to succeed in any of these methods listed here.

Let me know what you think about this list in the comments. If you've enjoyed this piece, why not share it with friends? Heck! Share with everyone in your network!

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