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The Ultimate Guide to Pandemic Survival for Lawyers (+ 70 Free Resources)

Legal’s Biggest Challenge with the New Normal: Mental Health. LOEB concluded in their recent survey.

You will agree that the last few weeks and months have been bizarre, and even that is an understatement. During these times, the legal world has shifted to a “new normal” with everyone being forced to work remote and firms scrambling for solutions to continue practice in the new normal, most, with success.

And the failure?

Lawyer’s health was left behind.

After all, a great lawyer is a healthy one.

This guide is for you.

This pandemic is now causing some lawyers sleepless nights, increased alcohol consumption, stress and anxiety, eating dis-orders, over-sized news consumption, constant mental distraction to where you can no longer focus on your practice.

This is for you.

While there is no magic cure to restore well-being, in this guide I share steps to win back your sanity, overcome anxiety and 70+ free resource to help you through this new normal.

Let’s jump in.