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We help businesses in Nigeria grow and succeed by providing legal solutions that are stress-free.

We help you stay safe and compliant in Nigeria's difficult business environment. We make it easy for you to take care of your next legal or regulatory issue, without all the stress. All you need is an internet connection.

Running a business in Nigeria is erratic...

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After several attempt to get past your legal issues, you're no closer to getting it resolved than you started

If you're lucky, you find a legal expert that might help and you think it ends there... then, there's a lot of “I-thought-you-mean-this-not-that” and there's all the stories and trust erodes fast…

We started Authority Wit to build the legal apps we wished we had when building our business.

That means simple, efficient, and stress-free legal apps that focuses on you and your business.

Read more about why we started Authority Wit 

And experts agree on this...

  • "Nothing is going to help Nigeria like Nigerians bringing back their money. If you give me $5 billion today, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. I have seen no country where you can make money like in Nigeria and I say it to anyone who cares to listen. The opportunities here are so tremendous."
    Aliko Dangote
    Chairman/CEO of Dangote group and the wealthiest person in Africa
    "Here in Nigeria, there is such a massive opportunity for business. There are so many sectors that are completely untapped. If I was working for a different multinational and I wasn’t working in Nigeria, I would tell the board that we should look at this country; it has massive growth potential and a huge untapped population as well."
    Beverly Spencer-Obatoyinbo
    Non Executive Director, WPP-Scangroup
  • "Without sounding a bit defensive, I think we tend to over bloat this issue of corruption in Nigeria and in fact, almost all the speakers who have spoken today are talking about corruption."
    Tony Elumelu
    Africapitalist proponent and chairman, Heirs Holdings Ltd

Why use our legal apps...

Law Firms

☑️ Specialised legal experience
❌   Low technology adoption
❌  Service delivery limited to single firm’s expertise
❌  Complex scoping of your legal needs
❌  Expensive and complex paper-work (engagement letters, retainer contracts)
❌  Extended project deliveries
❌  Unpredictable pricing

Some "Solo Lawyer"

☑️  Cheap service delivery
❌  Low or no technology adoption
❌  Questionable legal experience
❌   Inconsistent service delivery
❌  Limited understanding of your core business needs
❌   No guarantee of service delivery for payment made
❌  Extended project deliveries

Authority Wit

☑️   Technology-driven collaboration with legal experts
☑️  Pay for what you need (no complex scoping, no contracts, no lock-ins)
☑️   Predictable delivery times
☑️   No charge on most agreements and contracts
☑️   Stress-free access to all your projects whenever
☑️   Friendly support team dedicated to your business goals
☑️   Full refund if you’re not satisfied

Our apps makes your access to legal help fast, stress-free and simple

☑️   Simple access to most business legal needs from your phone or computer
☑️   No contracts, lock-ins or gimmicks — get just the legal help you need
☑️   Straightforward collaboration with legal experts enabled by technology
☑️   No useless in-person meetings

We like to help:

Authority Wit for Small Businesses
Nigerian Businesses with under 30 employees
For your dedicated legal help without the burden of a dedicated law firm
Authority Wit for Startups Image
Nigerian tech start-ups with ad hoc legal needs
To get predictable turn-around on legal needs powered by technology
Authority Wit for investors
Foreign-based investor in a Nigeria business
To get your regulatory and legal needs met as though you're local
Authority Wit for Businesspeople
Foreign-based business person with interest in Nigeria
To help manage your legal and regulatory needs with full transparency

Here's how we support the growth of your business:

Authority WIt supporting Growth
Growth and Profitability
You need to focus on growing your business profitably. This means that you should not have to worry about the legal framework constantly changing and preventing you from doing what is important.

We have built our product to help you find trusted legal experts for your business, so you can focus on what is important again.

Authority Wit for Investor Confidence
Investment Confidence
You're worried about the difficulty of doing business in Nigeria and you know that it's the perfect place to invest your money.
With our platform, you'll be able to collaborate transparently with your legal expert and only pay when we accomplish your mission. 

We focus on giving you the best tech-enabled legal help so that you can maximise your investment without the stress.

Authority Wit Legal Collaboration
Transparent Legal Collaboration
It's hard to understand what you're getting when you ask for legal help.
We've changed the process so that you can better understand what's going on and work more closely with your legal expert.

We do this with our purpose-built technology, which makes everything more transparent.

Solve your legal or regulatory headaches in just 2 taps.

Stress-free legal solutions to grow your Nigerian business
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