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Hassle-free Legal Service for Small businesses and Freelancers in Nigeria

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If you’re a small business owner in Nigeria, dealing with the law is tough.

It’s hard finding your way through all the confusing strings of bureaucracy and legalese and that’s without worrying about being ripped off by a lawyer who you’re not sure has your needs on mind. With so many uncertainty, you might think the solution is to avoid a lawyer altogether.

Welcome your next legal partner: Counseal.

Counseal is your technology-powered network of vetted Nigerian lawyers at competitive rates.

Counseal provides you the tools you need to find and collaborate with the best fitting lawyer with the right expertise in whatever area you need help with – whether it’s an agreement, taxes, business formation, a team of legal experts and anything in between — Counseal gives your the platform to work with the right and vetted Nigerian lawyer.

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Smarter Legal Research


Craft is the most advanced legal research, analytics and collaboration for Africa’s fearless legal team.

You can search case laws or statues, save or share references (with full citation), invite your colleagues to work on opinions together. In addition to an advanced and fast search, you start your research directly by uploading a brief or a previous opinion.

Our AI does the research for you (now you can have your interns relax)!

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Africa-focused Practices

Legal practice in Africa is changing and you don’t want to be left behind. We research and share our learning on world-leading practices that sets your practice apart and ready for competition on the global stage.

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You are now forced to compete with global firms, not just the local firm next door. To stay competitive in this new world order, we share the best tips you need to make sure that you’re using the best strategy possible in marketing and positioning yourselves and your practice.

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While you’re an expert at your practice, no marketing, no client.

Your marketing is a crucial part of your growth. Explore our collection on how to put your best foot forward with several business development tips fit for your African practice!

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If your business’ finances is in disarray, it is likely it won’t last long. Start with our collection of the best practices on getting your finances positioned for growth and profitability.

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Legal Technology

Learn everything on how technology enables your legal research, contract management, document assembly, record-keeping, managing documents, case management and scheduling.

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COVID 19 has changed how Nigerian law firms gain and keep clients. If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, you’re missing out on the 77.3% of clients who use online resources to find law firms. This guide will bring you and your firm up to speed..

A Nigerian Law Firm’s Post-Pandemic Reality

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